6 Top Places to Sell Your RV

6 Top Places to Sell Your RV

Need to sell your RV fast? Make sure you’ve listed it for sale in all of these places:

Facebook Marketplace

If you can find a local buyer, selling your RV will be much easier. For example, you won’t have to worry about how to exchange money and the title; you can just meet at the bank. While buying and selling RVs nationwide is possible, selling locally would be most people’s first choice. And, like it or not, Facebook Marketplace has become the most frequently used website/app for buying and selling locally.

RV Trader

After Facebook Marketplace, the most well-known place to shop online for an RV is RVTrader.com, so if you are open to selling to a non-local buyer, this website will get you the most visibility.

Facebook Groups

In addition to listing your RV on Facebook Marketplace, the key to selling on Facebook is promoting your listing in relevant Facebook groups. Start by looking for a Facebook group for buying and selling your particular RV model. If you’ve renovated your RV, the group Pretty Little RV’s, a Renovated RV Showcase and Marketplace is a good place to list it.

Tiny House Marketplace

Tiny House Marketplace is a website for tiny homes on wheels. This is not the place to list an RV, but it would be a great place to reach someone interested in a tiny home and might consider a beautifully renovated RV.

A Local Dealer

We almost didn’t add this to the list because, in nearly every case, you’ll get more for an RV selling it privately than you will from a dealer. But trade-in isn’t the only way to sell an RV at a dealership. Some RV dealers offer consignment services. That means they will keep your RV on their lot and show it to interested buyers. They get a commission percentage of the sale price if they sell it.

This option is only for RVs in good repair and nearly factory-original condition. For example, if you’ve removed any furniture from your RV, it likely won’t qualify. The dealer will probably require you to list the RV at a price they think they can sell it for.

This won’t be the best financial option for most people, but you might consider consignment if you’re desperate to sell or don’t mind taking a loss to avoid the hassle.

Sell your RV here! (renovatedrvsforsale.com)

We would love to help you sell your RV if you have renovated it! Our site, renovatedrvsforsale.com, is most professional RV renovators’ go-to resource for selling their remodeled campers. The website receives thousands of visitors who specifically Googled “renovated RV for sale.” Having your RV listed on our site also allows you to have your RV promoted on our Instagram account, which has over 110,000 followers.

When you create your listing, be sure to take good photos, as this is one of the most significant factors in whether or not people pause on your listing. Read our photography tips to learn how to take pictures that make people want to get in touch!

Bonus spot: your property

Many RVs are sold because they have a “For Sale” sign on them, and the right buyer happens to drive by and see them. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t hurt to put a sign on your RV and see what happens!

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