Market your renovated RV
to people who will appreciate it!

Listing Requirements & FAQ’s:

Unlike other RV listing websites and RV dealers, we specialize in marketing renovated RV's to people who are specifically looking for them.  While an RV dealership may view changes you've made to your RV as hurting its value, we know that there are others like you who will view your changes as an improvement.

We also know there are people who want to live in an Instagram-worthy RV without having to do all the renovation work themselves.  We know this because we have an audience of over 80k Instagram followers who rave over the pictures of beautiful RV's we post and who constantly message us asking where they can buy a renovated RV.

Additionally, our website makes it easier for buyers to find the perfect RV by allowing them to filter their search for features that cater to full-time RV living such as cold weather readiness, sleeping arrangements, and office space.

In order to keep our site from being flooded with RV's like what you can easily find on other RV listing sites, and to make sure our buyers are able to easily find what they're looking for, we require that any vehicle you list have been given a complete interior makeover so that buyers who are not a fan of the "traditional" look of most RV's can enjoy owning an RV with a beautiful, modern interior without having to take on a DIY project.

Interior upgrades should include:

  • Painting or covering the original wallpaper
  • Painting or otherwise updating interior woodwork and cabinetry
  • Replacing outdated flooring

We also require that RV's listed on our site be in good repair, safe to drive or tow, and ready for someone to live or camp in right away.  However, each buyer is responsible for due diligence to make sure this requirement is met.

Furniture and decor do not have to be included.  If these are shown in your photos, please specify in your listing whether or not they are included.

If you're unsure of whether your vehicle qualifies to be listed on our site, please free to send a photo to us at

All listings must include a featured image that meets the following requirements:

  • Photo must show a whole-room shot of the vehicle’s interior--preferably the main living area.
  • Vehicle interior should be neat and well-illuminated with natural daylight.
  • Photo must be horizontal and at least 1,000 pixels in height, and the file size must be less than 2 MB.
  • Photo must be clear and well-composed – not blurry, pixelated, or crooked.

Additionally, your vehicle must be remodeled / restored and move-in ready.

Read this article about how to photograph an RV for some tips to help you show off your RV in its best light.

We reserve the right to decide not to list your vehicle, in which case we will refund any money paid for this service.  If you’re unsure of whether your photo qualifies, please free to email us at

After you submit payment, a member of our team will review your listing.  If it meets all requirements, your listing will go live within 48 hours.

If you paid for a Basic or Premium listing and your featured image meets our photo requirements, we will feature your vehicle in a post  on our Instagram account within 14 days.

If we need additional information from you or if your listing does not meet our requirements, we'll email you before we publish your listing or promote your RV on social media, after which time you'll have 7 days to provide any additional information or revisions.

If your listing is not approved within 7 days after payment is submitted or after we email you, you'll be notified and issued a refund for any payment received.

Yes!  You may list a tiny home, skoolie, camper van, trailer, etc. provided it meets all the requirements outlined in these FAQ’s.

However, only RV's (motorhomes, campers, or travel trailers) can be featured on our Instagram page.

Here is a complete list of the types of vehicles we allow to be listed here:

  • Motorhomes (Class A, Class B, or Class C)
  • Any type of pull-behind camper (travel trailer, pop-up, fifth wheel, teardrop, etc.)
  • Truck campers
  • Toy hauler RV's
  • Toy hauler trailers which have been converted to be livable
  • Fish houses
  • Park model RV's
  • Horse / livestock campers with living quarters
  • Skoolies (Buses which have been converted to living quarters)
  • Tiny houses on wheels which can be licensed as a vehicle
  • Vans which have been converted / outfitted for van life

The details of the sale are left completely up to the buyer and seller.  We do not provide financing, accept payment for RV's, or in any way broker the sale.  We only provide a way for buyers and sellers to meet and contact each other.  Buyers and sellers are responsible for following the laws of the jurisdiction in which they reside and for and doing their own diligence before exchanging money or property.

Yes!  If you own or are employed by an RV dealership, please feel free to list any RV's in your current inventory which meet all the requirements outlined above.  If you have multiple RV"s to list, be sure to take a look at our pricing package for multiple listings.

Please consult our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information concerning the use of services offered through this site.