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What is Renovated RVs for Sale?

We are a marketplace for renovated RVs, vans, travel trailers and skoolies. We were founded in late 2020 to help create a better buying experience for remodeled RVs. To date, we've helped sell over $5M worth of renovated RVs and created a thriving community of more than 100K RV enthusiasts.
“We were honestly nervous trying to sell our trailer right at end of season in Michigan but we were shocked how many inquiries we got from people who were interested in buying it. The couple that ended up buying it from us lives all the way out in San Diego–over 2,300 miles away! They had a 3rd party transport company tow it all the way out there.”

-Luke, RV Inspiration Marketplace Customer

Seller Questions

Does my RV have to be fully renovated to list on the site?

No. While we feature a lot of beautiful interior renovations, we will also accept RVs that have been partially renovated (such as a single room or section) or have significant tech upgrades (think: solar, home office gear, appliances, etc). Our goal as a marketplace is to display RVs that are not only beautifully designed, but make for ideal home on wheels (and for some this means off grid ready or an already set up mobile office). While creating your listing make sure to select if your RV is a full or partial renovation or if it has significant hardware upgrades (while it can be more than one please select which most applies).

What constitutes a "full renovation"?

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