About Alice Zealy, Owner & RV Design Mastermind

As a full-time RV-er with decades of interior design experience, I pour my heart and soul into rain2shine ventures. I bring passion and creativity to each project, prioritizing functionality and style. I wear many hats at r2s; not only am I running a successful business, I design every remodel, tackle much of the labor and decorate each project to bring a client’s vision to life. 

Rain2shine ventures and myself have been featured on the cover of RV Enthusiast, in O’Henry Magazine, WFMY News 2, and a handful of other publications.

Previous Projects

Mobile Dog Rescue RV

At rain2shine ventures, we enjoy giving each project a unique name. This was no different for our first non-profit RV. “Woof Way” is a C-Class that rain2shine converted into a mobile dog rescue. 

Woof Way was a true labor of love due to the conditions of the C-Class motorhome when it arrived at the shop. However, as animal lovers with a long history of fostering dogs and adopting rescues, we were up for the challenge!

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