List Your RV Renovation Company

Find your next renovation client by upgrading to a premium renovator profile, like this one, while also saving up to 50% on any RV you list with us.


$ 250 /year
  • Premium Renovator Profile
  • 5 premium listings included
  • Listings stay live for up to a year
  • All new listings prioritized in search results (7 days)


$ 600 /year
  • Premium Renovator Profile
  • 10 premium Listings Included
  • Listings stay live for up to a year
  • New listings prioritized in search results (14 days)
  • Featured at top of RV Renovator Page
  • Email callout in 20K newsletter
  • Featured on Instagram Highlights @RVInspiration

What is a premium RV renovator profile?

A premium renovator profile features more about your RV renovation company, how you work with clients, and photos from your previous renovations. A premium profile will help drive more client leads to your renovation business.

Why list your RV renovation company?

Discount on listings. If you’re selling multiple RVs per year, you will get up to a 50% discount on each listing. 

More eyeballs on every RV you list. You’ll receive priority ranking for each new RV you list.

More clients sent to your business. We reach 1M people each year searching for renovated RVs or who need help with their renovation. A premium renovator profile will help you be seen by more potential clients.

Questions? Drop us a message.

If you have any questions about listing your company, shoot us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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