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Have your company’s logo featured on our website.

$50.00 / month

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Upload your ad, logo, or up to 3 graphics you want us to incorporate into our ad design.

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Please contact for approval before purchasing this service.

Promote your RV-related business through RV Inspiration Marketplace.  This package includes the following:

  • Your logo or banner ad* featured in the sidebar of RV Listing pages, blog posts, and resource pages linking to your preferred URL**.
  • A monthly statistics report with the number of views and clicks each Instagram post received as well as the number of clicks you received through our website

To maximize visibility to our sponsors, we plan to feature no more than five businesses at one time in our sidebar.  When more than one sponsor is featured at the same time, the order in which logos appear in the sidebar will be rotated each month with your logo appearing at the top of the list for at least one month out of every five.

You will be billed automatically each month unless you cancel.  If you cancel, your ad will remain until 30 days after your last payment.

*Banner ad designs are subject to our approval.  Alternatively, we can design an ad for you.  We can also A/B test multiple graphics that you design.

**Links to your website will be no-follow links in order for us to remain compliant with Google’s policy, which prohibits paying for link placement.