Main Feed Instagram Feature

Have us feature your RV in a post on our main Instagram feed at @RVinspiration.


Need to sell fast? Select one of the add-on options below to have us post about your RV sooner.

If there’s any specific information you want included in the caption, please enter it here.


Purchase this add-on maximum of once per month to have us feature your RV in a post on our main feed.  If your RV is for sale, you must have an active listing on our site to qualify for this add-on, and your photos must meet the requirements listed on this page.

We’ll schedule the post to run within 14 days of your purchase.  (To have us post sooner, select one of the options in the drop-down below.)

Note: You can request to be featured on our Instagram feed for free instead if you prefer, but we can’t guarantee how soon you’ll be featured due to the high volume of submissions we receive.  Most free features post 2-3 months after they are submitted.  To submit your RV for a free feature, fill out the form here.