Basic Listing

$49 for 1 Month

  • Up to 20 photos
  • Expires after 30 Days
  • Not promoted on our Instagram
  • See how many people have viewed or clicked on your listing
  • Links to your Instagram and/or Facebook pages

Premium Listing

$99 for 2 Months

  • Up to 20 photos
  • Expires after 60 days
  • Featured on the Instagram feed @RVinspiration
  • Promoted in an Instagram story at @RVinspiration*
  • See how many people have viewed or clicked on your listing
  • Links to your Instagram and/or Facebook pages
  • Prioritized in search results
  • Option to embed video tour
  • Links to your website

Listing Requirements & FAQ’s:

Unlike other RV listing websites and RV dealers, we specialize in marketing renovated RV's to people who are specifically looking for them.  While an RV dealership may view changes you've made to your RV as hurting its value, we know that there are others like you who will view your changes as an improvement.

We also know there are people who want to live in an Instagram-worthy RV without having to do all the renovation work themselves.  We know this because we have an audience of over 80k Instagram followers who rave over the pictures of beautiful RV's we post and who constantly message us asking where they can buy a renovated RV.

Additionally, our website makes it easier for buyers to find the perfect RV by allowing them to filter their search for features that cater to full-time RV living such as cold weather readiness, sleeping arrangements, and office space.

Visitors to this site are looking for an RV which has been given a complete interior makeover.  If your RV is stylistically similar to its original condition, you will probably have better results advertising it elsewhere.

For this reason, we only allow RVs with significant visual upgrades which usually include at least two of the following:

  • Painting or covering the original wallpaper
  • Painting, replacing, or otherwise updating interior cabinetry and/or woodwork
  • Replacing outdated flooring
  • Replacing the sofa and chairs with residential style furniture

Please view the RV's featured in other listings on this site and on our Instagram feed for examples of what our buyers are looking for.

We also require that RV's listed on our site be well maintained and in good repair, safe to drive or tow, and ready for someone to live or camp in right away.  However, each buyer is responsible for due diligence to make sure this requirement is met.

Furniture and decor do not have to be included.  If these are shown in your photos, please specify in your listing whether or not they are included.

We reserve the right to decline to publish your RV listing, in which case you would be issued a refund.  Additionally, some RV's which qualify for a Basic listing on the site may not qualify to be featured on our Instagram feed.  If you're unsure of whether your RV qualifies, please free to send a photo to us at

To be featured on our site, your vehicle must be remodeled / restored and move-in ready.

All listings must include a featured image that meets the following requirements:

  • Photo must show a whole-room shot of the vehicle’s interior--preferably the main living area.
  • Vehicle interior should be neat and well-illuminated with natural daylight.
  • Photo must be horizontal and at least 1,000 pixels in height, and the file size must be less than 2 MB.
  • Photo must be clear and well-composed – not blurry, pixelated, or crooked.

The rest of the photos in your listing should showcase your RV's condition and features as is (no "before" photos, please).  Please don't include photos of people (you're welcome to link to your Instagram page in the description where people can see those photos).

Read this article about how to photograph an RV for some tips to help you show off your RV in its best light.

We reserve the right to decide not to list your vehicle, in which case we will refund any money paid for this service.  If you’re unsure of whether your photo qualifies, please free to email us at

With over 100k followers eager to see photos of beautifully renovated RV's, a feature on Instagram @RVinspiration presents a wonderful opportunity for your RV to be seen by a potential buyer.

All RV's listed with a Premium listing package will be promoted on our Instagram page provided at least three of the listing photos meet the following requirements:

  • We only feature interior photos of renovated/remodeled RV’s (Motorhomes / Campers / Trailers / Fifth wheels / Caravans). We love van conversions, bus renovations, and tiny homes but aren’t featuring them at this time.
  • What do we mean by “renovated”?  For the purpose of our Instagram feed, we are looking for photos of RV’s which have been given a significant interior makeover and no longer have the “factory original” look.  Usually this includes interior paint, upgraded flooring, and new furniture - not just new decor.  If you aren’t sure whether your RV qualifies, feel free to send us a photo and ask.


  • You must own the rights to the photos.
  • Photos showcase entire rooms and sections of rooms instead of close-ups of specific features.
  • No people visible in the photos. (Pets are okay!)
  • Photos must be taken during the day so the interior is lit with natural daylight.
  • Photos must be at least 1000 pixels wide and tall.
  • Photos must be original files - not screenshots of photos.
  • #NoFilter please.  (Editing to improve the photo is fine, however.)
  • Must be of a quality generally consistent with our feed.  Here are some tips for photographing an RV as a guide to what we’re looking for.

Anyone may request a (free) feature on our Instagram feed feature through this form. Since we get a lot of submissions, we won't be able to guarantee how soon your RV will be featured if you submit it for a free feature, but it can still be a good opportunity for exposure.

After you submit payment, a member of our team will review your listing.  If it meets all requirements, your listing will go live within 2 business days.  Business days are M-F, excluding U.S. holidays.

If you paid for a Premium listing, we will feature your RV on Instagram within 14 calendar days from the date your listing goes live.  Listings will be promoted on Instagram in the order they are received, no more than once per day.  Sorry, but we cannot tell you in advance the exact date we will post about your RV.

If we need additional information from you or if your listing does not meet our requirements, we'll email you before we publish your listing, after which time you'll have 7 days to provide any additional information or revisions.

If your listing is not approved within 7 days after payment is submitted or after we email you, you'll be notified and issued a refund for any payment received.

No. While we are huge fans of tiny homes, skoolies, van conversions, etc., we only allow RV's (recreational vehicles, also known as "campers", "trailers", or "caravans") to be listed on our site because that's what visitors to our site are looking for.

Here is a complete list of the types of recreational vehicles we allow to be listed here:

  • Any type of towable camper (travel trailer, pop-up, fifth wheel, teardrop, etc.)
  • Any type of motorhome (Class A, Class B, or Class C)
  • Class B motorhomes are allowed.  Converted vans are not allowed.
  • Truck campers
  • Toy hauler RVs
  • Park model RVs
  • Fish houses

The details of the sale are left completely up to the buyer and seller.  We do not provide financing, accept payment for RV's, or in any way broker the sale.

Potential buyers will fill out a contact form on your listing page that will send an email directly to you.  (Or, they may contact you through social media if you provide links to your social media pages.)  Your reply to that email will go directly to the potential buyer, not through our site, and we have no involvement in the negotiation or sale process after the initial contact is made.

Buyers and sellers are responsible for following the laws of the jurisdiction in which they reside and for and doing their own diligence before exchanging money or property.

Yes!  If you own or are employed by an RV dealership, please feel free to list any RV's in your current inventory which meet all the requirements outlined above.

Please consult our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for additional information concerning the use of services offered through this site.

*If you purchase a Premium listing, please note that for your RV to be featured on our Instagram page, it must meet the requirements outlined in the FAQ’s on this page.